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PORTS Touring Society and Cross Lake Lines

PORTS Touring Society is an economic and promotion organization bringing together entities that engage in Great Lake Ontario waterfront commerce.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold. The first seeks to promote the resources and assets of New York's Lake Ontario coastline from Niagara River to Genesee River to Oswego River. New York's Great Lake Ontario Waterfront represents a commercial treasure that in our opinion is under-promoted and under-appreciated.

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Whether in a nautical, agricultural, recreational, natural or municipal sense, more energy needs to be applied to network the resources contained within this region. Through promotional and organizational efforts, along with campaigning and supporting the proposals of other organizations, the Society is working to energize and create a mutual effort among the region's assets to raise the visibility and awareness of the United States' forgotten north coast.

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Cross Lake Lines

The Society's second mission seeks to promote the Great Lake Ontario region as a whole. The Society believes that for two hundred years and more, New York State has maintained important cross lake commercial relationships with the Province of Ontario through joint commerce, agriculture, sporting events, print & electronic media, tourism, and of course shipping on Great Lake Ontario waters.

Through Cross Lake Lines we are working to connect organizations and institutions within the region, on both shores of Great Lake Ontario. Cross Lake Lines promotes tourism and guides excursions along both shores as a way to network the entire Community of Great Lake Ontario. The excursions include the L.O.F.T. Lake Ontario Farm Trail (Olcutt Beach to Oswego, NY), and Ontario Loyalists Region Historical Trail (Port Hope to Kingston, Ontario.) Cross Lake Lines also produces historic reproductions to exhibit the significant connections that once existed between both shores of the Lake.

Materials include the Cross Lake Lines Poster series, the Waterfront Map series, and the PORTS L.O.G. - Lake Ontario Guides. We also issue articles relating to tourism and history, and utilize media outlets to promote a revival in interest of L.O.S.T. history.

PORTS Touring Society & Cross Lake Lines is registered along the New York Great Lake Ontario Waterfront in the counties of Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, Oswego and Jefferson, and in the Province of Ontario.