Global Perspective

PORTSource Global Perspective network focuses on ethical and social issues, restorative justice, conflict resolution, community consensus-building, and cross-cultural relations. Members of these organizations include advocates and practitioners, advisors and facilitators, educators and theorists. The Global Perspective network resources assist decision-makers and planners within municipal and criminal justice systems, and community service and corporate organizations.

Ethical Thinkers Colloquium Intl.

Independent Thinking … Logical Solutions for

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UK National Police Memorial Day

Conversations About

Providing a Forum for Discussion.

Conversations About …providing professional and scholarly papers, essays, articles, and research related to ethics, public policy, community and consensus building and restorative justice - authored by members of Ethical Thinkers Colloquium, Intl. and Restorative Justice Society.

Conversations Gateway

Restorative Justice Society

Connecting RJ professionals in the USA and Worldwide.

  • Advancing the use of Restorative Justice methods in criminal justice systems and for resolving conflict.
  • Advocating for and educating in the Restorative Justice process.
  • Assisting with implementation within municipal systems.
  • Connecting with Restorative Justice organizations and agencies worldwide.
  • Restorative Justice website

Clan FitzWilliam Society

Through its support, PORTSource Foundation keeps alive the ancient order of the Clan. Members continue the tradition in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

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"In Flanders Fields …"
Remembrance Day

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