PORTSource Foundation

PORTSource Foundation USA supports a network of organizations establishing a culture of harmony in the presence of dissonance, and an ethics of right-relations. These organizations and their members participate in strengthening community and cultural right-relations in many parts of the world. The Foundation participates with its support both globally and around Great Lake Ontario.

Global Perspective

PORTSource Global Perspective network focuses on ethical and social issues, restorative justice, conflict resolution, community consensus-building, and cross-cultural relations. Members of these organizations include advocates and practitioners, advisors and facilitators, educators and theorists. The Global Perspective network resources assist decision-makers and planners within municipal and criminal justice systems, and community service and corporate organizations.

Conversations About

Restorative Justice

Great Lake Ontario

PORTSource Great Lake Ontario network connects American and Canadian municipalities and entities along the shorelines of Great Lake Ontario from Niagara River to St. Lawrence River. Members create community and cultural relationships in southern and eastern Province of Ontario, and western and northern New York State. Cultural exchanges and historical touring initiatives have continued the centuries-old connection of life within the Community of Great Lake Ontario.

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